ZX-05 Zavtra (Russian: "Завтра" - "Tomorrow") is a prototype 4th generation BattleFrame. It is piloted by Lieutenant Yuliana Alexandrov of Spetnaz 2nd Battalion, United Continental Nations.

History Edit

Tha Zavtra is a prototype BattleFrame based on ZX-03 Judgement, a BattleFrame that was stolen from UCN by terrorist group Children of Fallen Nations.

It employs several particle-based weaponry, including Executor beam rifle, Laser Sword and built-in Particle Shield generator. ZX-03 Zavtra also utilizes PsychoDrone system, requiring pilots with specialized brainwaves to function. Lt.Yuliana was qualified to use the Zavtra for her genetically-engineered nature.

Armaments Edit

  • Executor Beam Rifle (Rapid-fire Mode/ Power Shot mode)
  • Varpunen Missiles
  • PsychoDrones
  • Particle Shield
  • Laser Sword
  • Flares

Gameplay Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great boost capacity and recharge rate. Can constantly perform Quickboost without depleting the gauge.
  • Carries large amount of PsychoDrones. (8 units)
  • Good damage on Executor rifle.
  • Particle Shield is effective at blocking all form of attacks.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Fragile for its class.
  • Executor (Power Shot mode) reloads somewhat slow.

The Zavtra is an agile BattleFrame armed with powerful burst-DPS weapon. It boasts great firepower up close to medium range with Executor Rifle and PsychoDrones. However, its armor is quite weak, especially when compared to another prototype BattleFrame in the same generation, the GCTX-01 Mirai. Its pilot will need to rely mainly on evasion and Particle Shield to survive.

Tips Edit

Ideally, one should fight as close as possible to the enemy when flying the Zavtra, as most of its weapons deals good amount of damage. But that might not be feasible due to Zavtra's weak armor and long reload time on Power Shot, its only long-range direct fire weapon. If you want to be effective in this BattleFrame, starts by practicing quick-boost in tight situations, even under heavy enemy fire. Its booster capacity is practically unlimited, so as long as you don't get hit, there should be no trouble dealing with your enemies.

The Particle Shield is a great tool to keep yourself from harm. But staying close to the shield (like one would do with Dummy Decoy) will severely limits your mobility. Use it only when necessary, make sure your foes are on the other side of the shield when you use it.

As with other PsychoDrone-equipped BattleFrames, be careful when locking on targets. If there is missile alert, unlock your targeting immediately and stay close to your launched Psychodrones so they can shoot the missiles down in time.

The Laser Sword can heavily damages most targets up close, but it can also sends you lunging forward uncontrollably. As a plus, it can be used to destroy incoming missiles.

Trivia Edit

  • The correct name of the pilot is likely to be Yuliana Alexandrova (Russian: "Юлиана Александрова")[1].