S37 Terminator "Kasnaya Kometa" is a modified version of UCN 3rd generation BattleFrame, S37 Terminator. It is attributed to Colonel Andei Dmitriv of Spetnaz 2nd Battalion.

History Edit

The Kasnaya Kometa (Russian: "Красная Комета" - "Red Comet") is an ace-custom BattleFrame based on S37 Terminator piloted by Col.Andei Dmitriv. It is equipped with additional Micromissile pods and E.A.P. cannons. It is later modified to accommodate several Particle Cannons and PsychoDrone system.

It can be attached with Overbooster, a large rocket engine equipment, to be able to traverse large distance in short amount of time.

Armaments Edit

  • Gatling Laser
  • Micromissile Pods
  • 108mm E.A.P Cannon
  • Particle Cannon(s)
  • PsychoDrones
  • Flares

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Trivia Edit

  • This machine, and its pilot, are likely based on Char Aznable of Gundam Fame. They share a number of similarities, such as red variants of their factions main machines, and being described as "three times faster" then the norm, among others.
  • Char Aznable's nickname was "Akai Suisei no Shaa" (Japanese: "赤い彗星のシャア) which mean "Char of the Red Comet".
  • The correct name of the pilot is likely to be Andrei (Russian: "Андрей").[1]