• Manufacturer: Mik****/Chen****
  • First Unit produced: 2041
  • Last Unit produced: 2056

One of the first BattleFrames and one of the most widely used nowadays, the MI-19 Strelki (Russian: "Стрелки", "Arrows") is very durable, very easy to maintain, and very cheap. Rumor say even if it's left in mud for a year, it's still usable. Parts can be found easily in the black market. This makes the Strelki a favorite among mercenaries, warlords, and the anti-government troops.

The Strelki was designed and produced by Mikoyan in the opening of the "war of the old world nations" in 2041 to counter the USA's M1 Guardian BattleFrame. After the war dragged on, PLA bought the blueprint and assigned Chen*** as the manufacturer.

After the war ended in 2045, UCN still produced the first generation BattleFrame like Strelki and Shilka for a while. The objective was to provide basic defense structure across their wide Siberia-Asia territory, especially the defense of the Temasek orbital elevator. However, UCN started to decommission the old Strelki soon after.

Statistics say that the Strelki lasts about 3-8 seconds against 2nd generation BattleFrames like M3-A1.

There are several variants of the Strelki, each fitted for different types of role. above are the rapid fire revolver variant, the beam rifle variant, and the missile launcher variant.