M5 Viper is transformable 3rd generation BattleFrame developed by Coalition of Free Nations.

History Edit

M5 Viper is a transformable BattleFrame designed and produced by Coalition of Free Nations. It first saw actions in earliest stage of CFN-UCN War, defending Ecuador Orbital Elevator from Spetnaz strike force.

It can transform into flight mode, sacrificing most of the control over lateral movements for massive increase in speed, and can revert back to normal mode at anytime.

Armaments Edit

  • E.A.P. 20mm Machine Gun
  • Micro Missiles
  • Laser Sword
  • Flares

Gameplay Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good maneuverability.
  • Good ammo capacity.
  • Flight mode is fast, capable of outrunning missiles.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Flight mode is hard to control. Weapon usage during this mode is unreliable.
  • No long range direct-fire weapon, forcing M5 Viper to get in close to maximize damage-per-second.

M5 Viper is a standard combat machine but with above average agility. This allows it to easily dances around weaker enemies and perform repeated hit-and-run attacks on stronger foes without taking too much damage. Having an energy blade is just an icing on the cake. However, the Viper lacks long range weapon with good projectile velocity. This can be a problem when a dangerous threat need to be taken down quickly. Mastering M5 Viper's flight mode can possibly overcome this weakness somewhat.

Tips Edit

The Viper plays like other general purpose BattleFrame, but ultimately it is a hit-and-run machine. Keep an eye out on your ammo and time your reloads correctly.

One thing to note about its flight mode is that it controls similarly to an arcade flight simulator, using your mouse to pitch up and down, side movement keys to yaw and forward/backward keys for acceleration and deceleration. Rapid inputs can easily disorient you (not counting the fact that the flight mode auto-accelerates), so be careful. Switching to first-person view ('V' key) will help, as the camera becomes unable to rotate.

Trivia Edit