M1 Guardian is 1st generation BattleFrame used by Coalition of Free Nations.

History Edit

M1 Guardian is world's first mass-produced BattleFrame, widely used in Coalition of Free Nations. The machine was created by United States of America, sometimes before/during the beginning phase of The War of Old World's Nations in 2041. In response, Russia Federation began producing their own BattleFrame, Mi-19 Strelki.

At the start of Project Nimbus, M1 Guardian has become very outdated. A large number of them have received upgrades (differentiated by MLU suffix) and continue to remain in service strictly in defensive role, guarding various CFN-owned facilities such as Yokohama Prison.

Armaments Edit

  • Machine Gun
  • Missile Pod
  • Flares

Gameplay Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Highest hitpoint of all mass-produced BattleFrames.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow.
  • Low ammo capacity on all weapons. Missile pod only carries 2 ammo.
  • No long range direct-fire weapon.
  • Lacks quick-boost.

M1 Guardian is the worst playable machine in the game due to its slow speed and inadequate weapons, vastly outmatched by all other BattleFrames that is not from 1st generation era. It has high armor value to compensate for its shortcomings, but ultimately does little to help in actual combat.

Tips Edit

If you insist on using M1 Guardian, try to stay out of enemy's firing range. Stay constantly on the move to avoid incoming damage. Deploy flares when needed. Do not let yourself be surrounded. Engage only one target at the time, slowly whittle down their health using your machine gun and missiles.

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Video Edit

Project Nimbus - Test playing M1 Guardian (mid-life upgrade)

Project Nimbus - Test playing M1 Guardian (mid-life upgrade)